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Viola Park

The new Casa Viola extends over an area of approximately 25 hectares

Tirana Stadium

Arena Kombëtare

Casa Azzurri

Proud to have contributed with our Termopareti ® Caos


Tulipano: the skyscraper of Umbria with Elcom System Architectural Wall Claddings

Scania - Toscandia

Scania and Nissan dialer

Individual projects

Multicolor Termopareti ®

Caos ® Emotion

Termopareti Caos ®, an innovative design for a new interpretation of space

Moto dei Miti

Termopareti Rugby ® and Caos ®

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The Elcom System Spa headquarters are located in Pantalla di Todi, in the heart of Umbria. Come and discover the factory direct point of sale as well.