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Architectural details

Elcom System is

Architectural wall claddings

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Elcom System is

Architectural details

Elcom System is

“Copper & Wood” panels

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The desire to overcome the limit of the modern “box”

Elcom System is

Architectural wall claddings

Elcom System è

Special architectural solutions

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Elcom System insulated panels

Elcom System S.p.A. offers a wide range of insulation solutions: TERMOPARETI ® – TERMOCOPERTURE ® insulating metal panels (patented names), are the famous monolithic panels designed and manufactured to offer the best in prefabricated construction.

Termopareti ® Bubble

They have been studied to create original architectural impressions and they can be used in industrial, commercial, residential building and public utilities for the new buildings and for restructures.

Termopareti ® Rugby

They have been studied to create original architectural impressions with an extraordinary design innovation. A new goal that, up until today, was considered unimportant in the field of thermoinsulating panels.

Termopareti ® Flat

Prodotti in varie tipologie e sono stati progettati per essere utilizzati nell’edilizia industriale, commerciale, residenziale e dei servizi.

Termopareti ® Caos

Design, surface, material, finishing and colours break the standard patterns offering innovative and exciting solutions more than ever before.

The concept of the SERBOND ® cladding has been developed to offer to the designers the possibility to create tailor-made projects, having not to refer to rigid standards or defined geometric rules. This particular facing system is mainly directed towards commercial, residential building and public utilities.

Elcom System is…

Elcom System is…

Tuderbond ®

Tuderbond ® is an external wall cladding realized with a modular element structure.

Special accessories

Ridge with variable inclination, special element for ski light, flashing ridge, ridge in pressed sheet.

Application systems

Termopareti ® joint, hidden fixing, installations steps, Termocoperture ® “end-lap-joint” (overlap).

Special components

Fitting right corner of polymer, glass joint corner of polymer, polymer siding curved corner, horizontal siding curved foam, foam vertical angle curved.

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Termopareti ® Rugby

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Colour and painting chart

The colour and glass level shown in the colour chart should be used only as a guide. Production methods and pigments used may result in minor colour differences to those shown on the colour chart and RAL card.

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