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Insulated Panels

The insulated panels are one of the most important innovation in the field of prefabrication for isulating roof and walls.

What is building insulation?

The purpose is to create a thermal and acoustic insulation envelope by means of special insulated panels to have more comfort and energy efficiency. Panels can be used both for new buildings and for renovations. Insulating your home with insulated panels avoids heat loss and reduces your energy bills.

The insulated panels used both for external claddings and for roofs are a very simple and effective solution to for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings. They are composed by two metallic supports with a core of insulating material and improve thermal insulation and soundproofing. The panels manufactured from the highest quality of materials ensure high mechanical resistance and long term reliability and are as good as a traditional roofing.

The insulated panels can be widely used to realize roofings, claddings, internal walls and floors of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Main installation stages of insulated panels in a new building

Main installation stages of insulated panels in a renovation

What are insulated panels?

The insulated panels guarantee high thermal and acoustic insulation, mechanical resistance and are as good as traditional masonry.
Insulated panels offer several advantages:


  • external coating options simulating different effects (stone, wood, steel etc.) have a stunning aesthetic impact
  • panels are light and its installation is fast and easy
  • they are resistent to wear and tear and offer an outstanding durability
  • mechanical properties that guarantee resistance to stresses and strains
  • to clad new buildings or renovate old ones
  • production flexibility offers the possibility to realize any type of roofing: curved, inclined and flat etc.

Elcom System insulated panels

ELCOM SYSTEM S.p.A. offers a wide range of solutions for insulation: the insulating metal panels called TERMOPARETI ® and TERMOCOPERTURE ® (® registered trade names) are the well-known monolithic panels researched and made by ELCOM SYSTEM S.p.A. (certified UNI EN ISO 9001) to offer the best in the field of light prefabrication.

With the panels TERMOPARET I® – TERMOCOPERTURE ® is possible to realize roofings, walls, claddings, internal partitions, false-ceiling, shelters, canopies etc., and a wide range of little, medium and big prefabricated buildings in industrial, commercial, residential buildings, public utilities, agricultural and zoothecnical field.

Find out about Elcom System solutions:
Technical charactreristics

External steel supports: they are obtained from cold profiling of coils of different material: carbon steel coated with zinc S 250GD according to UNI EN 10346 norms with mechanical characteristics as foreseen in the D.M. of 14.01.2008 and tolerances as UNI EN 10143 norm; aluminium according to UNI EN 1396 norm, with a minimum breaking load of 150 MPa; copper according to UNI EN 1172; and stainless steel according to EN 10088-1 norms; COR-TEN.

The finishing of steel and aluminium supports consists of an organic coat obtained from a cycle of hot standard polyester prepainting, according to UNI EN 10169-1 norms. On request, different coatings such as PVC alimentary EAT or PVDF can be fournished.

It’s possible to manufacture Termocoperture® panels with bitumized feltpaper and/or centesimal aluminium on the internal side. Special roof panels for zootechny, called ZOOTEC, are manufactured with the internal support in fibreglass (opaline white). They are indicated for spaces with biological exhalations and they are resistant to bacteriums, urea and ammonia.

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